NOTE:  All clients and circumstances are different, and prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome in the future.  The testimonials below are presented in order to indicate the type of service and value that the author strives to provide to all clients.

Jeff and I worked on an edtech deal that culminated in a successful close. I was representing the seller in an M&A capacity, and Jeff was representing the seller’s legal interests. This was a very complicated deal due to the structure of the seller and its parent company, plus numerous changes going on at the seller and buyer levels during the deal. Jeff remained on point, is a creative/sound thinker, works well with a large array of personalities, and all parties walk away feeling they have been treated well/intelligently, and the client is always well served.

Lawyers can literally tank a deal unnecessarily, if they do not know how to do “deal law”. Jeff knows how to get deals done while giving excellent/sound legal advice. I will always be pleased to hear that Jeff is the lawyer on any on my deals.

I recommend him highly (and I don’t recommend lightly).

Managing Director, DeSilva + Phillips LLC
(leading M&A advisor to the media, marketing, education and information services industries)


I have known Jeff Fromm professionally for over fifteen years. Since the early days of our working together I learned to appreciate his profound legal skills, his attention to detail and especially the added value he brings to commercial transactions. Over the period I grew to rely on his sound judgment and would never attempt to handle any meaningful commercial activity without seeking his legal advice.

Former Chairman, Quadrant-Amroq Bottling Company Limited
($150mm revenue international Pepsi-Cola bottling company, now owned by PepsiAmericas, Inc.)

Jeff is simply the best lawyer I have ever worked with. Aside from his obvious attributes of intelligence, skill, experience and professionalism, what I like best about Jeff is that he is a ‘can do’ business person. He is a problem solver. We get things done.

Former President, Soliloquy Learning, Inc.
(Boston-based reading literacy company using automated speech recognition technology)

As an entrepreneur-lawyer, I have retained, negotiated with and generally worked with scores of lawyers. Jeffrey Fromm rates right up there at the very top. His basic legal skills are excellent; but, more importantly, he listens, his instincts are generally right on the mark, he has a good nose for business and will not ‘lawyer’ a deal to death and, to top it off, he’s a genuinely great guy.

Founding Partner, Jacoby & Meyers Law Offices
(national law firm protecting citizen’s rights)

It has been my pleasure to know Jeffrey Fromm for several years through networking in the educational technology market but, until recently, the opportunity to work directly with Jeff did not exist.

That has recently changed as Jeff has led our successful efforts to close on $4.3 million of venture capital to facilitate our business growth. As an executive that has been through numerous major closings including M&A, debt financing, private financing and venture capital, this was by far the most efficient and timely closing that I have experienced. I give Jeff credit for providing excellent legal counsel, as well as tremendous attention to detail. What impressed me the most was Jeff’s tenacity and energy that drove us to an on time and very thorough closing.

The measure of success in a closing is measured largely by economic results, but as most balanced score cards, it is not just the transference of capital that defines success, which in this case did occur as planned. The result that is most satisfying is that the parties achieved prompt and sustainable consensus on key points of negotiation and there were no surprises during closing week. Both parties in this transaction were satisfied with the results in post closing which provided an excellent starting point for the company to build a strong relationship with its new investor. I attribute the majority of this success to Jeff’s experience, guidance and thorough approach to our procurement of venture capital. He kept us out of trivial debates and helped us focus on the substantive issues. This narrowed the potential scope of difficulties and yet enabled the company to design a structure that protected the company’s interests.

I strongly recommend Jeff Fromm to any company that is working to recapitalize, merge or acquire. Jeff has the skills, the experience and the poise to make such an effort happen successfully.

Former CEO, TetraData Corporation
(now a subsidiary of Follett Software Company)