A Real Switch to the Virtual World

Last August, I left a great law firm, Dorsey & Whitney, for another great but very different law firm, VLP Law Group. I remain close with Dorsey and would not hesitate to recommend its services (and frequently do).

So why did I join VLP? VLP has at least three notable traits: flexibility, quality and value.

  • Flexibility:  like any first-rate law firm, all decisions and actions must satisfy the dictates of high quality and professional responsibility. As long as those are fulfilled, almost all other decisions and actions are controlled by the lawyer in the best interests of the client and himself or herself.
  • Quality:  the lawyers at VLP rank right up there with the best I have ever worked with. This is not surprising, because most of us have extensive experience at some of the nation’s top law firms. If this weren’t the case, I never would have joined VLP.
  • Value:  this one is the clincher. While Dorsey was itself a great value to its clients compared to the large law firms in its peer group, VLP can offer an even greater value. The primary reason is that we have dispensed with the significant overhead cost of fancy offices. Instead, we rely on web-based practice and collaboration tools to work efficiently and effectively from different locations. This enables me to represent the type of emerging companies that need first-rate legal services but cannot comfortably afford the sticker shock of the major law firms. While I would not want to sell myself as the “low-cost” provider, I can confidently say that I (and my colleagues at VLP) are very high-value providers.

Since joining VLP, my practice has remained almost identical to the practice I had at Dorsey – the same type of clients and matters; the same quality; the same outcomes. What has changed is the control I have over how I deliver the service, and how much my clients pay for it. Both of these are welcome changes. This wouldn’t have been possible 10 years ago – it will likely be commonplace 10 years from now.

If you have any questions about the virtual model or how we provide quality and value to our clients, I’ll be happy to discuss them.